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Sirius sat there for what felt like ages, he had lived a lifetime. But, it was time. Time to action the plans. Knowing Hagrid would be coming anytime now, to pick him up. He went inside the house, to have a one last look. It was painful to see the palce once to happy and merry memories floated here.

Why could not he keep Harry, it would be better this way, what would he gain with living up in the muggle world with those muggles, learning their ways? Why didn’t Dumbledore understand? James’ and Lily’s deaths were already shocking and with Voldemort gone and Harry left with anything but a scar, it would be better in many ways to keep him away from all this. Yes, his mind could see all the sense in this, but what to do with the heart that could never allow this to happen.

He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t realize Hagrid’s arrival, though anyone would have, for Hagrid being a half giant and hard to not to notice.

Hagrid was shaking all over, his eyes tearful and in a great shock, Hagrid strode inside, turning things over, “Si – ri - us..!! th’s ‘s so shocking. James ‘n Lily.” he started rocking with one arm on Sirius’ shoulder. “I know ‘ow m’ch of a pain ‘t w’ud be to ya. You-know-you c’ud go th’s low to kill Harry, so small ‘n James and Lily.”

“Good ‘tha h’s rid off.” Hagrid tried hard to sympathise with Sirius’ feeling, but it was harder for him to get his own feelings in control.

After quite a time, he realized he had come there on Dumbledore’s orders.

“Ah.. Sirius, You kno’ Professor Dumbledore, sent me to g’et Harry to him, to his relatives, d’ muggles.” Sirius realized, it was time to say goodbye, yet again, to Harry this time.

“Hmm ... Yes … Hagrid, Albus told me, you would be coming here to take Harry.” He gave a week look at Harry’s sleeping figure and handed him to Hagrid.

Harry looked so small in his hands.

“Hagrid, take good care of him and please see he’s comfortable.” He was still doubtfull about Dumbledore’s decision to send Harry with Hagrid.

“Not ter w’rry, Sirius, Professor Dumbledore asked me ter do it, and I’ll do it.” Sirius still apprehensive but opted to say nothing more on the matter.

“Now, here Hagrid, how will you travel, all the way to the place?”

“Not ter worry now Sirius, I’ll … ” He stopped.

Sirius already doubted his magic and magic, what magic with no wand, he decided to give him his bike, what would he do with it anyways, the main thing was to get Harry delivered safely to Dumbledore.

“Now Hagrid here” he said handing him the keys of his bike, “ Take my bike, it will be easier and faster to reach there and please be safe.”

“Not ter worry Eh Sirius. I’ll save Harry with ma’ life.”

“Come, I’ll guide you with the bike and how to ride it.” They went out to where Sirius’ bike was standing, Sirius gave him an animated instruction to how to get on and start and land the bike safely. Harry looked too confused, but there was no other option. And after a while with Sirius’s help he took off with Harry, sleeping peacefully on his lap.”

Sirius, kept looking at the distant figure of the bike taking away Harry, and stood there till the Hagrid’s figure totally dissolved. He knew he had many jobs to do, and first was to hunt down Peter.

He decided to go straight to Peter’s dwelling place, knowing he won’t be there, still to check his luck, Sirius disapparated.

When Sirius again entered Peter’s dwelling, it was the same as he had left it hours ago. He had arranged for that day, with Peter to check on him, whether he was safe or not, but when he arrived here and did not find him home without a sign of struggle, he got worried and went straight to Godric’s Hollow where James and Lily were in hiding. There looking at their house all destroyed and finding his friends dead, it had dawned on him, what Peter might have done, what a grave mistake he had made to suggest Peter as their secret keeper instead of himself. He as good as had killed them, killed his best friend and destroyed his own family. He could never forgive himself for this. He pledged there and then to hunt Peter down and kill him to the end of the world.

He knew Peter too well, always a weakling and hiding under the powerful. Where could he be, now when his dark Lord had fallen, when he had betrayed his only friends, he would be too scared and commit a mistake.

Sirius began his Hunt from all the likely places; he neither ate nor slept for the fear of losing Peter. He spotted Peter once in the KnockturnAlley, but he managed to escape as Sirius could not make it too obvious, he knew Peter would have got alert by now and it would be difficult to get him seen. It took him days to spot him again at a market place where muggles were in numbers, but Sirius knew it was now or never, he did not want to lose him again, he was mad with anger and disgust for Peter.

Sirius saw Peter striding past the muggles and started following him, may be he was going to some of Voldemort’s supporter. Peter noticed Sirius when he turned to a shop and saw Sirius’ reflection on the shop’s door mirror.

Sirius sensed this, and thought he would try to escape, but this time he was ready to kill and not give him any chance to get the better of him. But to Sirius’ great surprise Peter turned and faced him, Peter walked towards Sirius and when they were face to face, he exclaimed before Sirius could say anything, “James and Lily, Sirius How could YOU…”

Sirius got confused, “What are you saying Peter, I would let you live like this, I wont let you escape this time, I have come to kill you and no one can stop me.”

“Yes, kill me too, the way you did to your best friend. You gave them away to the Dark Lord, got them killed, oh Sirius how could you do this?” he said with a whimper. Many people at the street had stopped to watch, what was happening.

Sirius got furious at this outburst, “What are you trying to suggest, you bloody scum, yu are such a backstabber. You don’t stand a chance today.” Saying this Sirius directed his wand at Peter. But, before he could even cast a spell, Peter’s body Blasted itself, he could not believe his eyes at what had happened.

Before he could even realize, the blast had created a huge ruckus and claimed many lives and injuries. There was confusion all around.

He stood there frozen. He felt heavy firm hands holding him, one of which snatched his wand. Many hooded figures surrounding him and before he could act, the disapparated. He felt the same brief spell of darkness and suffocation before feeling firm ground under his feet.

“Who are you? What do you want?” he struggled to get free from their hold; he looked up and found himself standing at the entry of the Ministry of Magic. Why had they brought him to the Ministry?

“Mr. Sirius Black, you have been arrested on account of using Magic in front of the Muggles, and on the account of murdering Peter Pettigrew and number of Muggles.” Said a crisp and firm voice. “You are about to face trial in a week, after we have had a talk with the witnesses and investigated the scene of the crime. For the meanwhile you will be locked up in the Ministry cell, and you can get your plea written.” “But, believe me you don’t have much of a chance, being a deatheater and what you did in allegiance with YOU-KNOW-YOU.”

“What!” Sirius spat, “I did what, you people think I gave away James, my best friend, I could never have done that, I would have died instead.”

“Well, for that matter you should have done it before we got hold of you, because in a matter of a week you will find yourself ending up in Azkaban, but, for what you have done even this seems meagre.” “Take him away.” Said the ministry person, with a loathing in his voice, to the people. Sirius kept shouting the whole way like mad people, till they could hear him no more.

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