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Chapter 11 – A Place to Hide

This could never happen. He could never believe it had happened. How could this have happened? They had tried every means to safeguard the place, and not many knew the secret, just he, Albus and Peter. Who could have leaked the secret?

He did not realize it when he started for Godric’s Hollow. Did not when he reached the street and finally in front of the house. I t was only when, he found himself standing in front of the house, across the hedge, that he saw people swarming the place. For a split second he felt, nothing had happened, the lights of the ground-floor were still on and he thought any moment he would be greeted by James and Lily, if he walked in. Everything was so quiet now. Just a few months ago he had visited, that seemed so long ago now.

But, soon facts flooded on him when he saw the upper story blasted off portion. People were surrounding the place, both muggles and wizards, and talking in hushed voices. Someone had called the muggle police, who were asking questions looking for witnesses. He saw the bodies. No, this cant be true. He saw them carrying out the bodies of his most beloved friends, companions, family, out on the stretcher, lifeless, the spark of life had left them long ago. First James’ followed by Lily’s. They were sending them away in the van. He wanted to run and stop them, call at them and never let anyone take them away. No voice came. But, no this was not to be done right now.

He had Harry’s and Miley’s responsibility on him, and a mission to find out, how had the secret leaked. And if, it was Peter, then look for him and kill him. He deserved much worse a treatment but that was not important now. But, where were Harry and Miley.

She had been waiting for this day all the month and when it finally came her happiness knew no bounds. But why could not she go out? She always used to see neighborhood children, her age, outside playing, through her window. Why could she not go out and play with them? Why could not she too have fun and live like other people did? Why they never, if hardly ever, went out? What was it that kept them imprisoned in their own place?

Oh she had again got invisible crying on the kitchen table. Lily did not know, she had started to realize, when she went invisible. Lily had again started to worry. Well, that was a great opportunity to go out and have a look, what it felt like. She had almost forgotten, how it felt like to be outside. It’s been so many months since they had been hiding. Hiding… Were they hiding from someone? What was it? Yes, they always looked tensed and alert. Was it anything to do with the ongoing tumults and cases of deaths?

It would just take a few minutes time and no one would know. She was after all, invisible.

She sheepishly sneaked out. But was she doing the right thing. Lily would be so furious if she comes to know. She still walked on till the gate and opened it. She heard faint voices of Lily calling her. Oh my god! Lily was calling. She hurriedly walked back in and went straight to the kitchen. She had forgotten to bolt the door.

Lily was worried and furious, she knew about her invisibility and was ordering her to go straight to bed. She did that unwillingly, as Lily had made sure by asking her to hold her hand. Lily left her to sleep, to get back Harry and put him to bed too.

Sleep was finally taking over her. She could hear faint voices of a bang, James shouting, and Lily’s screams. What was happening? She knew when Lily came in so very upset and worried and trying to barricade the entrance. She had gotten up, hearing all the tumult. What was going on? Why was Lily so worried and crying? Why was she crying?

And why was she barricading the entrance to the door. Whom was she trying to avoid. Who was there outside trying to come in? … Trying? … He was already in. it was the same hooded figure she had been seeing in her dreams all these months. She got so afraid. What was Lily trying to do? He had already directed his wand at her. No, he wanted to kill Harry. …Harry? … Why would someone want o kill Harry? What harm could he bring to someone? No, how much she wanted to help, but she was so afraid to do anything. She got up and hid behind the curtains. He had not seen her. Was she still invisible? Could she do something? But, what could she do? She had never done magic. She knew where Lily’s wand was. But she didn’t know how to use it properly. What was he doing? He had done magic on Lily. She saw her falling down. Why wasn’t she getting up? Didn’t she know what had happened? What had he done? She had seen this again and again in her dreams, but never thought it could be true. How she hoped it to be yet, another dream. He was raising hi wand at Harry. Harry had started crying. No, she wont let him harm Harry. Lily was trying to save him. Was this the reason, of their hiding? She did not know what happened, she just felt something went out of her and hit the wall. Next moment, the wall blasted off and the lights went out. The man was gone.

For a moment, she felt frozen to her place. But then she ran towards Lily and tried to wake her up. Harry was still crying. She had to do something. Save Harry, yes, this was what James had shouted and Lily had tried to do. She took Harry in her arm and run out of the room. Out into the hall where James’ body was lying. Out of the door into the garden. Out of into the street. She felt blinded by her own tears. She didn’t know what to do, where to go. She finally reached the market, there was no one around, people had left long ago, and everything was quiet now. Where people were enjoying the festivities, no one knew a family had been torn apart, the very being of the family was ripped, and the living were left stranded, with nowhere to go.

She heard ringing of the bells. There at the far corner was the church; lights were still on, she could hear a chorus, and directed herself towards it.

She was tired, too tired, with Harry in her arms sleeping peacefully. She had started to feel the chill in the atmosphere; it had been raining all day. She went into the church and lied down on the extreme corner chair, with Harry in her arms. All this time her mind had been occupied with so many thoughts; she had not realized the hunger, chill and the pain.

Was it her fault? She had forgotten to bolt the door, was it because of that, it had been easy for that man to get inside. Why had he wanted to kill Harry? Why had he killed her parents? Her eyes were burning of the pain of crying for so long. But, she was too tired. She knew they were safe here. There was so much she had not understood. Will she ever get the answers to these questions?

She never knew when she went off to sleep.

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This is great... But, there's something I want to know: "Who's the main protagonist of this story-Harry or Miley?"

Still, keep on going... The story's shaping up pretty well as it is

April 4, 2008 at 12:01 PM  

the story is getting interesting day by day!!

April 5, 2008 at 11:16 AM  


thanks Shaurya and Meera

the protagonist, as the title suggests..'HP an the Exiled Heiress'

so the its both HP and Miley...but obviously mystory revolves around Miley..JKR has already done the Harry's part.

April 7, 2008 at 1:34 AM  

Error ::

Albus didnt know that it was peter..the secret was never shared with him.. so you need to make a correction..
"And if, it was Peter, then look for him and kill him.".. It should read Sirius.. not Peter !

April 10, 2008 at 9:43 AM  

well i never mentioned Albus in the post...let him first enter the scene at least...

its all Sirius...who is talkin to himself....Albus obviously doesnot knw...

April 12, 2008 at 8:29 AM  

Fantastic..............u really doina gr8 job....really like it thus far....

but plz do hurry wid the post..............cant wait long............

but good turn of events so far.......

April 14, 2008 at 4:00 AM  

thank you so much Sahin.

Well i have posted.




April 22, 2008 at 2:35 PM  

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