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Sirius sat there for what felt like ages, he had lived a lifetime. But, it was time. Time to action the plans. Knowing Hagrid would be coming anytime now, to pick him up. He went inside the house, to have a one last look. It was painful to see the palce once to happy and merry memories floated here.

Why could not he keep Harry, it would be better this way, what would he gain with living up in the muggle world with those muggles, learning their ways? Why didn’t Dumbledore understand? James’ and Lily’s deaths were already shocking and with Voldemort gone and Harry left with anything but a scar, it would be better in many ways to keep him away from all this. Yes, his mind could see all the sense in this, but what to do with the heart that could never allow this to happen.

He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn’t realize Hagrid’s arrival, though anyone would have, for Hagrid being a half giant and hard to not to notice.

Hagrid was shaking all over, his eyes tearful and in a great shock, Hagrid strode inside, turning things over, “Si – ri - us..!! th’s ‘s so shocking. James ‘n Lily.” he started rocking with one arm on Sirius’ shoulder. “I know ‘ow m’ch of a pain ‘t w’ud be to ya. You-know-you c’ud go th’s low to kill Harry, so small ‘n James and Lily.”

“Good ‘tha h’s rid off.” Hagrid tried hard to sympathise with Sirius’ feeling, but it was harder for him to get his own feelings in control.

After quite a time, he realized he had come there on Dumbledore’s orders.

“Ah.. Sirius, You kno’ Professor Dumbledore, sent me to g’et Harry to him, to his relatives, d’ muggles.” Sirius realized, it was time to say goodbye, yet again, to Harry this time.

“Hmm ... Yes … Hagrid, Albus told me, you would be coming here to take Harry.” He gave a week look at Harry’s sleeping figure and handed him to Hagrid.

Harry looked so small in his hands.

“Hagrid, take good care of him and please see he’s comfortable.” He was still doubtfull about Dumbledore’s decision to send Harry with Hagrid.

“Not ter w’rry, Sirius, Professor Dumbledore asked me ter do it, and I’ll do it.” Sirius still apprehensive but opted to say nothing more on the matter.

“Now, here Hagrid, how will you travel, all the way to the place?”

“Not ter worry now Sirius, I’ll … ” He stopped.

Sirius already doubted his magic and magic, what magic with no wand, he decided to give him his bike, what would he do with it anyways, the main thing was to get Harry delivered safely to Dumbledore.

“Now Hagrid here” he said handing him the keys of his bike, “ Take my bike, it will be easier and faster to reach there and please be safe.”

“Not ter worry Eh Sirius. I’ll save Harry with ma’ life.”

“Come, I’ll guide you with the bike and how to ride it.” They went out to where Sirius’ bike was standing, Sirius gave him an animated instruction to how to get on and start and land the bike safely. Harry looked too confused, but there was no other option. And after a while with Sirius’s help he took off with Harry, sleeping peacefully on his lap.”

Sirius, kept looking at the distant figure of the bike taking away Harry, and stood there till the Hagrid’s figure totally dissolved. He knew he had many jobs to do, and first was to hunt down Peter.

He decided to go straight to Peter’s dwelling place, knowing he won’t be there, still to check his luck, Sirius disapparated.

When Sirius again entered Peter’s dwelling, it was the same as he had left it hours ago. He had arranged for that day, with Peter to check on him, whether he was safe or not, but when he arrived here and did not find him home without a sign of struggle, he got worried and went straight to Godric’s Hollow where James and Lily were in hiding. There looking at their house all destroyed and finding his friends dead, it had dawned on him, what Peter might have done, what a grave mistake he had made to suggest Peter as their secret keeper instead of himself. He as good as had killed them, killed his best friend and destroyed his own family. He could never forgive himself for this. He pledged there and then to hunt Peter down and kill him to the end of the world.

He knew Peter too well, always a weakling and hiding under the powerful. Where could he be, now when his dark Lord had fallen, when he had betrayed his only friends, he would be too scared and commit a mistake.

Sirius began his Hunt from all the likely places; he neither ate nor slept for the fear of losing Peter. He spotted Peter once in the KnockturnAlley, but he managed to escape as Sirius could not make it too obvious, he knew Peter would have got alert by now and it would be difficult to get him seen. It took him days to spot him again at a market place where muggles were in numbers, but Sirius knew it was now or never, he did not want to lose him again, he was mad with anger and disgust for Peter.

Sirius saw Peter striding past the muggles and started following him, may be he was going to some of Voldemort’s supporter. Peter noticed Sirius when he turned to a shop and saw Sirius’ reflection on the shop’s door mirror.

Sirius sensed this, and thought he would try to escape, but this time he was ready to kill and not give him any chance to get the better of him. But to Sirius’ great surprise Peter turned and faced him, Peter walked towards Sirius and when they were face to face, he exclaimed before Sirius could say anything, “James and Lily, Sirius How could YOU…”

Sirius got confused, “What are you saying Peter, I would let you live like this, I wont let you escape this time, I have come to kill you and no one can stop me.”

“Yes, kill me too, the way you did to your best friend. You gave them away to the Dark Lord, got them killed, oh Sirius how could you do this?” he said with a whimper. Many people at the street had stopped to watch, what was happening.

Sirius got furious at this outburst, “What are you trying to suggest, you bloody scum, yu are such a backstabber. You don’t stand a chance today.” Saying this Sirius directed his wand at Peter. But, before he could even cast a spell, Peter’s body Blasted itself, he could not believe his eyes at what had happened.

Before he could even realize, the blast had created a huge ruckus and claimed many lives and injuries. There was confusion all around.

He stood there frozen. He felt heavy firm hands holding him, one of which snatched his wand. Many hooded figures surrounding him and before he could act, the disapparated. He felt the same brief spell of darkness and suffocation before feeling firm ground under his feet.

“Who are you? What do you want?” he struggled to get free from their hold; he looked up and found himself standing at the entry of the Ministry of Magic. Why had they brought him to the Ministry?

“Mr. Sirius Black, you have been arrested on account of using Magic in front of the Muggles, and on the account of murdering Peter Pettigrew and number of Muggles.” Said a crisp and firm voice. “You are about to face trial in a week, after we have had a talk with the witnesses and investigated the scene of the crime. For the meanwhile you will be locked up in the Ministry cell, and you can get your plea written.” “But, believe me you don’t have much of a chance, being a deatheater and what you did in allegiance with YOU-KNOW-YOU.”

“What!” Sirius spat, “I did what, you people think I gave away James, my best friend, I could never have done that, I would have died instead.”

“Well, for that matter you should have done it before we got hold of you, because in a matter of a week you will find yourself ending up in Azkaban, but, for what you have done even this seems meagre.” “Take him away.” Said the ministry person, with a loathing in his voice, to the people. Sirius kept shouting the whole way like mad people, till they could hear him no more.

“Death is but, an enemy, that snatches our loved ones, taking them away to where they can never return. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is, but of course Death.”

He turned to see Dumbledore’s tall figure looking at him. His eyes still moist but mood composed. “Come, lets look for the kids. May be I know where we can find them.”

They were now standing outside the church with Miley on Sirius’ shoulder and Harry on Dumbledore’s, sleeping peacefully. “Come, lets walk.” They kept walking without a word. It felt a long time when Albus said, “Harry will obviously be famous – being the only wizard ever to have survived the killing curse, with nothing but a scar mark. He is our best hope, Sirius. And, a reminder of the violence that tore apart a family.” He stopped for a while and resumed, “Voldemort has chosen Harry. Marked Harry his equivalent and in doing so, marked his own reason for death.”

“But, he’s gone.”

“He will return, and Harry will be in terrible danger when he does.” “Of course, we will be there to help him, guide him and to make sure James’ and Lily’s deaths were not in vain. But, its his war at the end.” It came back to him as a blow. James’ and Lily’s deaths…. the words hit him hard. “Harry was saved of the enchantment Lily laid upon him by sacrificing herself. Harry will be safe, with his mother’s love, for life.” Albus took a break before saying further, “He has to be sent to Petunia, the Dursley’s, his last living relatives, as that would keep the charm intact till the time Harry lives there and takes to that place as his home.”

“But……I am his God father, and……”

Before he could speak further, Albus interrupted, “No, Sirius. He will be safer there. It would be sensible to keep him away from all this, till we can, he has a long way to go later on.”

Sirius looked at the children, sleeping peacefully, far away from the thoughts and worries, for what the future has in hold for them. He agreed but continued, “All this while you had just been talking about Harry and safeguarding him. What about Miley?”

“Ah……Ana……Miley…! Well…Harry has already been marked. He is the chosen one and become their prime target. We cannot risk Miley too by pushing her into it.”

Sirius could not understand. What was Albus trying to say?

“Well Sirius, Harry has already become the subject of their attention and that he will be till the time he returns and even later. We cannot make Miley too an object, to be specific an easy bait. As, Harry goes to the Dursley’s, Miley has to be sent into exile. She has to go, disappear.”

“But……”, Sirius couldnot understand, belive what he was hearing, What was Albus saying? Exile…Miley…No…this wont happen. He could not let this night take away everything he had.

“No one saw her and few knew about her.” Albus kept speaking at his normal tone. “Today when I take her from here, the world will forget, there ever was a fourth Potter, there ever was a Miley. I know it hurts, needless to say hurts me more so. So today when I take her, a charm will be cast, which will make everyone to forget about her existence. It works just like the ‘Fidelius Charm’, I am the Secret Keeper, and now, that I am passing on the secret to you, you too become one. I will take her and keep her safe you can count upon me. After all … I am … her … Great God Father.”

Sirius got startled to hear this, he looked at Albus with confused expressions, “But … James and Lily never told me …”

“Lysandra …… Lysandra Rosier, well … I am her God Father. Obviously not many know about this, for the very same reason as yours.”

“How do you … ….”

“But, that is not important Sirius. We need to rush with our arrangements. I am taking Miley with me. You stay here with Harry. I’ll send Hagrid to fetch Harry and to deliver him safely to the Dursley’s.”

“But …I’ll ….”

“Hagrid will be fine, and he’s right for the job. I take my leave here.”

He turned to leave, but came back patted on Sirius’ shoulders and said, “This is a terrible loss, but we need to to keep our peace intact and do the needful before further harm can be brought upon.” Saying this he turned and walked down the street, after several steps he disapparated. Sirius heard a distant pop.

There lay Harry, sleeping in his arms. He knew, he could cry now.

James and Lily’s death was a major blow, with Miley gone and Harry in constant danger. He felt a lump forming his throat, choking him, for a fraction of a second he too wanted to die. But no, he could not die now. There was so much to be done, keeping Harry safe and not to let their deaths and Lily’s sacrifice go in vain, after all he was Harry’s God Father.

How could this ever happen? So much had happened in one day. So much had been lost. The worst still was Peter’s betrayal. Oh how it felt, he himself was partly responsible, for it was he himself who had suggested Peter’s name, Lily’s doubts had been so very right. Oh James! How could we so blindly trust him? How could we never guess his hearts deeper inclination? He had to question Peter, and Peter had to be answerable for what all he has brought upon.

He could never recover from this loss. Never Ever. He had lost his family, once and for all.

Sirius crossed the street and went over to the other side and sat on the pavement bench.

Much had happened and much has to happen. But, it is the wait that would torture him. Torture him till he did not see Voldemort dead and Peter punished for betraying James, who has thought it a sin – not to trust friends. He could not stop his tears, his eyes burnt when he closed them. Everything started rushing to his mind, every memory with James. As fresh as it had ever been…

The day they had first met on the Platform 93/4, and immediately started off a conversation, they knew it from the very start that this friendship was to go a long way since that very first meeting. Their journey to Hogwarts, Their sorting in the same house, night outs, tours and detours under the cloak, Pranks they played together on people, their easy and favorite target Snape, …Snape … he has got his revenge, “I will kill him too, the more the better”.

Their life spent at Hogwarts was the golden period. The formation of the ‘Marauder’s Gang’ and Invention of ‘The Marauder’s Map’. James love for Lily, his advances and Lily’s efforts to avoid him … he laughed on the memory... How he finally left his people and James’ parents took him in as their son. They had been a family since then. James’ marriage with Lily – Sirius being their Best Man. Harry’s birth – Sirius Being announced the God Father.

Fragments of a lost life bit him hard on the heart, Peter’s betrayal gnawing at him, he felt something in his heart tearing apart. He could not take it any longer.

Life after the Prophecy had been so stressful. But, never ever had they thought this could happen. We never think of the worst for our loved ones. That feeling comes so natural. But no, it was lost … lost forever … lost to where, they could never return.

This could never happen. He could never believe it had happened. How could this have happened? They had tried every means to safeguard the place, and not many knew the secret, just he, Albus and Peter. Who could have leaked the secret?

He did not realize it when he started for Godric’s Hollow. Did not when he reached the street and finally in front of the house. I t was only when, he found himself standing in front of the house, across the hedge, that he saw people swarming the place. For a split second he felt, nothing had happened, the lights of the ground-floor were still on and he thought any moment he would be greeted by James and Lily, if he walked in. Everything was so quiet now. Just a few months ago he had visited, that seemed so long ago now.

But, soon facts flooded on him when he saw the upper story blasted off portion. People were surrounding the place, both muggles and wizards, and talking in hushed voices. Someone had called the muggle police, who were asking questions looking for witnesses. He saw the bodies. No, this cant be true. He saw them carrying out the bodies of his most beloved friends, companions, family, out on the stretcher, lifeless, the spark of life had left them long ago. First James’ followed by Lily’s. They were sending them away in the van. He wanted to run and stop them, call at them and never let anyone take them away. No voice came. But, no this was not to be done right now.

He had Harry’s and Miley’s responsibility on him, and a mission to find out, how had the secret leaked. And if, it was Peter, then look for him and kill him. He deserved much worse a treatment but that was not important now. But, where were Harry and Miley.

She had been waiting for this day all the month and when it finally came her happiness knew no bounds. But why could not she go out? She always used to see neighborhood children, her age, outside playing, through her window. Why could she not go out and play with them? Why could not she too have fun and live like other people did? Why they never, if hardly ever, went out? What was it that kept them imprisoned in their own place?

Oh she had again got invisible crying on the kitchen table. Lily did not know, she had started to realize, when she went invisible. Lily had again started to worry. Well, that was a great opportunity to go out and have a look, what it felt like. She had almost forgotten, how it felt like to be outside. It’s been so many months since they had been hiding. Hiding… Were they hiding from someone? What was it? Yes, they always looked tensed and alert. Was it anything to do with the ongoing tumults and cases of deaths?

It would just take a few minutes time and no one would know. She was after all, invisible.

She sheepishly sneaked out. But was she doing the right thing. Lily would be so furious if she comes to know. She still walked on till the gate and opened it. She heard faint voices of Lily calling her. Oh my god! Lily was calling. She hurriedly walked back in and went straight to the kitchen. She had forgotten to bolt the door.

Lily was worried and furious, she knew about her invisibility and was ordering her to go straight to bed. She did that unwillingly, as Lily had made sure by asking her to hold her hand. Lily left her to sleep, to get back Harry and put him to bed too.

Sleep was finally taking over her. She could hear faint voices of a bang, James shouting, and Lily’s screams. What was happening? She knew when Lily came in so very upset and worried and trying to barricade the entrance. She had gotten up, hearing all the tumult. What was going on? Why was Lily so worried and crying? Why was she crying?

And why was she barricading the entrance to the door. Whom was she trying to avoid. Who was there outside trying to come in? … Trying? … He was already in. it was the same hooded figure she had been seeing in her dreams all these months. She got so afraid. What was Lily trying to do? He had already directed his wand at her. No, he wanted to kill Harry. …Harry? … Why would someone want o kill Harry? What harm could he bring to someone? No, how much she wanted to help, but she was so afraid to do anything. She got up and hid behind the curtains. He had not seen her. Was she still invisible? Could she do something? But, what could she do? She had never done magic. She knew where Lily’s wand was. But she didn’t know how to use it properly. What was he doing? He had done magic on Lily. She saw her falling down. Why wasn’t she getting up? Didn’t she know what had happened? What had he done? She had seen this again and again in her dreams, but never thought it could be true. How she hoped it to be yet, another dream. He was raising hi wand at Harry. Harry had started crying. No, she wont let him harm Harry. Lily was trying to save him. Was this the reason, of their hiding? She did not know what happened, she just felt something went out of her and hit the wall. Next moment, the wall blasted off and the lights went out. The man was gone.

For a moment, she felt frozen to her place. But then she ran towards Lily and tried to wake her up. Harry was still crying. She had to do something. Save Harry, yes, this was what James had shouted and Lily had tried to do. She took Harry in her arm and run out of the room. Out into the hall where James’ body was lying. Out of the door into the garden. Out of into the street. She felt blinded by her own tears. She didn’t know what to do, where to go. She finally reached the market, there was no one around, people had left long ago, and everything was quiet now. Where people were enjoying the festivities, no one knew a family had been torn apart, the very being of the family was ripped, and the living were left stranded, with nowhere to go.

She heard ringing of the bells. There at the far corner was the church; lights were still on, she could hear a chorus, and directed herself towards it.

She was tired, too tired, with Harry in her arms sleeping peacefully. She had started to feel the chill in the atmosphere; it had been raining all day. She went into the church and lied down on the extreme corner chair, with Harry in her arms. All this time her mind had been occupied with so many thoughts; she had not realized the hunger, chill and the pain.

Was it her fault? She had forgotten to bolt the door, was it because of that, it had been easy for that man to get inside. Why had he wanted to kill Harry? Why had he killed her parents? Her eyes were burning of the pain of crying for so long. But, she was too tired. She knew they were safe here. There was so much she had not understood. Will she ever get the answers to these questions?

She never knew when she went off to sleep.

Past two months had been normal. Life again at this household had come back to normal terms. Though the danger loomed but still, the residents had come to terms with believing that till they were in the safety of the Fidelius Charm, and when they had so greta friends to take care, nothing could harm them. Such was their belief in people whom they loved and cared for.

It was already mid-October and everywhere the festivities had started, the market streets were decorated with Halloween decorations, few of their neighbors too had started with decorating their front areas. Miley too was getting curious about it, and when she learned all about it, she was all set to do her part. She had been asking Lily for her own set of costume.

“Mommy, I too will go out for Trick and Treat. Please.”

“Miles, dear, sorry but it cant be, I cannot let you go out, its not safe.”

“But, why not, I will go too, Please!”

“Dear, you cannot go alone.”

“But, all children are out, they play have fun, you do not let me play, I do not have any friends. We never go out.”

Lily was surprised to hear such things come from Miley. She looked at her with her big green eyes. Had she somehow sensed their being shut inside?

“Baby, come here, its nothing like that. You will have great friends one day, just like daddy. And you will too go to school, Hogwarts, where we all studied too, James, Sirius, Lupin and me. Even Albus.”

“What! Albus too has studied in Hogwarts?” Miley got so curious at this new discovery, that she forgot everything.

“Yes, its very much true.”

“Nooooo.,,, you are joking, he is the Headmaster, how can he be a student?” She started laughing.

Lily, laughed at this childhood tendency. Children can never accept grown ups to be children, they know only the way they have seen them. By the time Lily could say more, Miley had already run out of the room to the hall where James was sitting with Harry in his arms trying to read.

“Daddy, look what Lily is saying.”

James looked up towards Miley’s running figure with Lily following her smiles. James looked at Lily enquiring the reason for this.

“Lily says that Albus was a kid, and studied in Hogwarts, Oh she forgot he is the Headmaster and so big and old.” She was rolling on the floor laughing.

Lily gave a sigh of relief and sat down beside James. “Thank god she finally forgot about Halloween.”

“Hey, I know we cant let her go out. But at least don’t kill her childhood. At least make her a costume.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yes, Lily such things mean a lot to kids, I know when I was a kid, it was funny for me to see muggles wearing clothes resembling our world most of the times. But even I used to sneak away from the house to have my part of the fun.” He smirked.

“I too remember going out with Tunie holding my hand and not letting me do or say anything.” She smiled at the thought. “I think you are right James, I will make her a costume.”

“So, miss Miley, I think you must not make fun of dear poor Lily, she just doesnot know anything, right. How can Albus, ever be a student right. He knows everything. So, what are you wearing for Halloween?”

She went all somber and said, “Lily, says no.”

“Oh, common I say yes.”

“So, Lily what will you make for our dear Miley?”

“Well, that’s a surprise.” She got up saying.

Miley, was surprised at such turn of decision, she gave a cry of delight and jumped at James and hugged him hard. James had to turn sideways to save Harry from getting hurt.

“Hey, why don’t you give a part of your love to Lily too, she is going to make you a costume right.” He laughed.

Lily did not had to think much about the costume, she had already taken out her balck robes to make Miley a witch’s gown and cap and she had thought to team it with Harry’s new broom and her wand (obviously she wont be going out with all those things). Well no one would have had such a real costume. What if some muggle saw her whizzing away on the broom. She laughed at the thought.

Miley too was all excited and she had personally asked James to help her make a bag in the shape of a pumpkin to keep her candy’s after Trick or Treats. He had agreed to help her out even after knowing that, she won’t be going.

Finally the day came and Miley had not lost a moment in wearing the dress right after taking her bath in the morning, she though unlike Harry, did not had the heart to sit on the broom. She knew she did not have a chance at going out for the Trick and Treat but was all filled with excitement. Both James and Lily were happy that their long imprisonment had not affected the children.

Lily had specially baked Miley’s favorite cake to keep her spirits and James had been keeping the children busy by playing games and showing them tricks with his wand. Even Harry had started reacting to those silly tricks. His favorite was the smoke circle one, every time James used to form puffs of colored smoke, Harry used to jump up trying to catch it with his small fist. The sight sure used to be funny.

As the time of Trick or Treat was arriving Miley was getting upset, on not being allowed to go out. She went invisible while crying on the kitchen table. Lily worried more, she knew Miley never realized when she used to go invisible, but what if she knew and went out. Lily called her name and wanted her to be near, so that she knew where Miley was,she told her to go straight to bed and ensured it was being done.

James was still on the sofa making out puffs of smoke for Harry’s amusement.

“James, Miley has yet again went invisible, I am just so very worried. As of now I have told her off to bed, she is alone. Give Harry to me, its time he goes to bed too. I’ll be upstairs.” James took up Harry and handed him to Lily, finally stretched out on the sofa.

Just then he heard a loud sound in the hall.

James got up and ran to the hall. Shit! How could he forget his wand, It was him. How could the charm break, when it was working so efficiently since the last so many months? Who had given them away?

‘Lily, take Harry and go! It’s him! Go! Run! I’ll hold him off--” He shouted with all his might towards the stairs. He knew he could not do much, but still try holding him off even seconds would matter now. How could he be so careless not keeping the wand by his side? I couldn’t do my part for my family. He saw him casting the curse and spark emerging from the wand and everything just stopped.

Lily had heard James’ cry. She knew James would try every bit to save them. Oh! Lord what was happening, how could he have known the secret. Harry was in her hands, she had to save him, she ran towards the kids’ room remembering Miley was there. How will she find her, when she was not visible, at least she would be safe from his eyes. She heard James cry, she knew he had killed him; “NO…!!” but there was no time she had to keep the children safe.

It was clear to her; she had a hard chance of escaping from the upper story with the children on her. She put Harry on the cot and tried hard barricading the way to the room, knowing it were all lame attempts. She took Harry in her arms yet again. “Where is my wand, how could I ever forget it?” she said to herself. She saw the door being opened and saw a hooded figure entering the room, it was him. No, she had to do something; she put Harry on the cot and spread her arms wide between them. She wont let this happen, she will die instead. She wont let anyone touch her children or even bring them to harm.

“Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!” she pleaded.

“Stand aside, you silly girl…stand aside, now…” he said in low hissing sound.

“Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead–”

“This is my last warning–”

“Not Harry! Please…have mercy…have mercy…Not Harry! Not Harry! Please – I’ll do anything–”

“Stand aside – stand aside, girl–”

He raised his arm and cast the unforgivable curse. The room was illuminated with green light. Harry had started crying. All this while Miley had been watching everything from her bed, she had got up hearing Lily’s cries. Who was the man in the hood, she got frightened and hid behind the curtain, she saw him casting magic from the wand and Lily falling down. Why wasnot she getting up? What had happened? She wanted to help. Harry was crying. She did not know what happened but she felt something get out of her and hit the wall and the room blasted. Everything went dark. He was gone.

The room was filled with Harry’s cries. She ran towards Lily. “Mommy..! Mommy..! get up..” she shook her. “Mooo…mm…myy…” She had to do something, what if he came back? She took Harry and ran out, out from the house, out in the garden, out in the street.

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Miley’s new toy, Albus’s Gift – the Remeyerall, was keeping her quiet occupied than to get into any mischief and both Lily and James were surprised that she had not been upto any prank since Albus and Sirius’s last visit and with Harry’s first birthday arriving the next weekend the people had a reason to celebrate. It had already been two weeks since the visit and things back home were going on at better than a normal rate but of course there were sad moments too, on nonsensical and mass killings going on in the outside world, there were still innocent people getting killed and the ministry was turning deaf ears and blind eyes towards such stuff. What the hell was happening to the world why wasn’t anyone coming out in open to protest such doings, but yes, protest meant inviting harm to you and your own family too and its was not stupid to keep oneself safe.

But, Lily had other things too, to worry about. Miley, in case had changed a lot since she got her gift. Was it the gift or just Lily’s imagination that Miley was actually showing great signs of magic, which was getting on Lily’s nerves, and more so, James too had started agreeing with Lily on the matter. Miley was showing strange signs, for instance she could already disapparate, disillusion, and due to the fact that she could not control any of her magic she just used to disappear when she used to be excited or frightened. Which actually was driving Lily mad as no one could help or control the situation and it was impossible to try keeping it a secret, and these days it was getting creepier, she was getting strange nightmares. Nightmares of hooded men or a man…green flashes…and blasts…usually she dint remember the details but one such night Lily and James woke up to find Miley screaming and when they rushed to check, she was up and sweating…

Lily and James rushed towards her switching on the lights to find her all sweating and frightened, she had had a bad dream yet again…and was already in tears. Seeing James and Lily she clung to them as lifelines. Yet again she could not remember the details, just a hooded figure…a green flash… and a blast... It was actually getting confusing, and when they had no one to consult to. James and Lily both agreed that the situation was getting out of both their hands and something needed to be done. They had to talk to Albus, to help them, and to start training Miley. They knew it would be for the first time ever that a child was being trained prior to admission at Hogwarts, but that was the only thing that could be done. It just could not wait.

As if this was not enough, Bathilda too, was getting a bit awry, she obviously did not remember the encounter with Snape but, still she was in great shock and somehow her instincts told her of some happening. Yes, Snape had done his job well with the memory charm. But still she remembered the disrupted room and Lily arriving later to calm her down.

Lily knew and fully understood that things were getting out of her control, the more she tried hard to make herself believe that all was fine, deep down she herself could not believe all was well. In all this frenzy, they had an unexpected visitor. Just a weekend before Harry’s Birthday, Wormtail paid them a visit. It was for the first time since their hiding that Peter was visiting them, he obviously had been made the secret keeper, but him visiting was quite not acceptable to Miley, who had a personal disliking to him and his methods, especially his mouse-like behavior. It was his visits that usually upset her, and these were the time that she was all on with her pranks and up for getting on his nerves, and she hardly feared him.

Lily was upset all day, and cried on account of recent deaths of the Mckinssons. The house had a mellow environment on the weekend Peter paid them a visit. It was good that he visited, but was kind of surprising for both James and Lily, that he was visiting them without sending them a letter to inform of his visit. He was unlike his normal self and was quiet low on the mood and did not eat much, that for Lily was a matter of concern, but he said it was because of the recent deaths and also Mckinssons deaths were a blow, it was not that they were close but still, hearing of a death of someone you knew always upsets, that too a death that is un called for and un reasonable.

Peter usually did not talk much and paid much attention to food, but today it was different, he refused to eat, and took just bits on being pushed by both Lily and James. Miley was all up with her pranks on Peter, but was sent away by James with good scolding, as this was obviously not the time for all that stuff.

Lily thought Peter’s strange behavior a major matter of concern; he was actually acting strange and was lost, and refused to eat.

What had happened? Was something wrong? He was looking tired and frightened and lost. What was eating him up? Or did he fear about them, or was he getting burdened under the responsibility of being their secret keeper. Was it the right decision to make him the secret keeper, she had always doubted it, but James believed him, and it was all that mattered, friends, whom you could put all your faith in. Yes, she believed in what James had faith in. She had already had the taste of her beliefs with Snape and Tunie. She could not doubt James’ and Sirius’ Beliefs.

Snape, why had he come that day? What was his motive behind the visit? Was she wrong in not listening to him? In not giving him a chance, Was Albus right, on what he said about Snape? Was it after all her fault? Was she wrong in not believing in her friends and relations, in not giving them her full faith, was she not a better friend after all, did she lack in her relationships unlike James, who had put blind faith in his friends and knew how to maintain his relationships. Was it right to put blind faith in people? Oh there were so many questions her mind was coming up with, but she knew this was not the time, she had to put all this thoughts at the back of her mind and chose the priorities, Miley and Harry were her priorities and she knew, it was them who needed her badly other than James.

Harry’s Birthday was this week and family had a reason to celebrate and to put other things off. After all the day was special, it was Harry’s first and a reason to celebrate. Harry obviously was too small to know it was his birthday but other’s who knew had to make it special somehow. All the people close to the family were invited, but yes no one was forced as duty came first and in such times safety too was a matter of concern.

The most excited was Miley, and had been busy the whole past week organizing the best gift for Harry, and she finally came up to the best she could come up with, she had packed all her chocolate frog cards in a box with James’ help to give it away to Harry on his first, which was quiet touching. Chocolate frog cards were so precious for children, who collected them with such an enthusiasm, and Miley had been doing it, since she had come to know about them from James’ collection, and giving all her collection away as a birthday gift actually meant a lot, at how special she took Harry to be.

The big day finally arrived, with Sirius’ owl first arriving with a gift. Sirius had sent a toy broomstick, and Harry had much fun with it. Just a year old and he was all zooming in and out of the rooms on his toy broom. The broom rose just an inch or two from the ground but Harry was having a time of his life. James was already doting on him of being a great Quidditch player, over which Lily just laughed and said, “Only time will tell.”

“Oh common Lily, I’ll be coaching him and would be standing on the stall to watch him play his first match against slytherin and beating them badly.” He replied with a smirk on his face. To which Lily just shook her head and said, “At least don’t get them against each other before he even enters school.”

They just could not leave him alone for a moment, for they had got the hint while they left him, when he zoomed over Tasha, and almost killed her of shock, and further crashed into the vase Tunie had sent as a Christmas present, which for James was quiet funny. Miley was all excited and busy bucking up Harry, and was shouting all kind of stupid made up slogans. The scene back home was one of amusement and none could tell, they were living under such pressures.

They finally settled down for a quiet evening tea with Bathilda, who was all up with strange stories of Albus, which were quiet, unbelievable. Lily thought, people were finally right about her when they said, her mind was going personally.

After a quite family dinner, the party again shifted to the living room. Lily cleaned the table, helped by Sirius, and then went off to put the kids to bed. Harry was already half sleepy in her arms, where Miley was always hard to put to bed, and with guests around. Her gift had consumed her but now she too seemed tired for all the antics and did not object when told to go to bed.

Now that Lily helped her changed and put her to bed finally, sitting on the side of Miley’s bed her eyes fell on the pendant, Remeyerall, or whatever it was, it was indeed a remarkable object, she was mazed to see so many colored smokes sweeping inside the conical crystal pendant. It, in itself had some magic going around it, that took Lily in to a long trail of thoughts…Her life before she could ever had guessed of her magical attributes, her first hands at magic – which obviously noone could understand, her first meeting with Snape…. She did not know why everything went to Snape, why everytime she looked back, Snape came back too. The more she tried and harder she tried to Shake him out of her mind, the more he crawled back, “Why..?”, may be because, for whatever time or reason, he indeed was her closest confidante and she, his. When Petunia got, all berserk at her, Snape was all that she had in those times. Her starting years at Hogwarts were good and she really liked to see the way people accepted her immediately, unlike her very own sister, who called her a freak, oh how terrible it felt, your own sister not accepting you as who/ what you are. Snape was her only comfort in those moments. Hogwarts was a big contrast to what, she faced in, what you say the Muggle world. She remembered that day when Snape once reassured her that being a muggle born did not make any difference, tears came to her eyes because that memory brought along the day of her last O.W.L’s, how could she ever forget it, that day will haunt her whole life. She came out of the Hogwarts building to see James, Sirius and others again up on their ways and Snape suspended in the air, how angry she was, how she wanted to help him out of the situation, but before she could do anything, the words came out of Snape, “…….MUDBLOOD..!! , it felt like her whole world had collapsed, the only person she was ever close to and meant the most to her, called her a …., she had cried for weeks and went without having food, but no, why was she doing it, He was after all a Slytherin and was going to join his Lord’s charade. She knew how difficult it was for her, to compose herself in front of him, when Mary had come to her, telling that Snape was waiting outside the house doors and threatening to stand there until Lily came out. He had come for forgiveness, if it had been sometime different she would have thought about it, but now, it was too late, it was time to decide, either this way or that, and she knew, for her it was a different road much different than Sev’s ambitions. It was time to part ways. It had finally convinced her, that it was different in that world for someone like her, but James, Sirius and everyone, whom she used to dislike, totally disregarded it, For them blood status meant nothing.

It took time, yes, time for her to regain that lost attitude, but yeah Snape always came back. She knew how difficult it was, being different. Now, it was Harry, marked to be different, no she would do anything to protect him from that. Miley, too was growing up, and showing splendid signs of magic, but her magical abilities gave her those chills, James always said, it was normal and in this age children cannot control their magic, it just comes out. But, that could not convince her, Miley, she knew was extra-ordinary, she was proud but scared too. It was just one person whom she could look forward for guidance and she knew he was the best.

Albus, she was surprised to see him today, as if he had heard her heart, and came for her. She saw Miley, sleeping unaware and far from the nuances of the world, but the smokes still moving inside her pendant. She got up from the bed gave a sweeping look on Harry snuggled in the cot, switched the lights off and got out of the room, silently closing the door behind her. She was startled to see Albus standing in front of her.

“Hello, Lily. Sorry for giving you such a shock.”

“Oh.! Albus, no I just..”

“got startled…did you..?”

“Uh….well, I need ..”

“…to talk to me….and same reasons bring me here too.” He said still smiling. “I wish to talk to you about Severus.”

“But, what about him? His chapter is closed for me. Mile—”

“But, yet again, being human is strange, we think what we want to talk about is more important than what the other has to offer.”

Lily looked at him, with a strange expression in her eyes, she couldnot understand why Albus, all of a sudden wanted to talk to her about Snape. Dint he know, they had parted ways long ago, or he thought that whatever time she had spent with Snape, held the key to their safety, or Voldemort itself.

“Well, Lily, I don’t know exactly what went wrong between the two of you, but don’t you think that every one is entitled for a second chance.”

Lily expression was that of shock, she was surprised at what Albus was suggesting, did he know about her encounter with Snape, at Bathilda’s. Why all of a sudden was he taking a defensive of Snape, when he clearly knew that he was the one, who gave them away.

“We just go on with our lives, and blame others for changing towards us, never realizing or even thinking, may be it could be the other way round too. Or we never gave them any chance to prove their best to us.”

“Albus but, what are you suggesting? Can you be a bit more clear?”

“I, as you very well know, am talking about Severus Snape, your friend.”

“He is no friend of mine. He never was.” Said Lily with contempt. “I am ashamed of ever having him and believing him to be my friend, His loyalties were never meant for me.”

“But, Lily.” Albus was surprised at such a retort. Lily had started crying, with her back on the wall. Dumbledore patted her on the shoulder and said, “We should not judge people by what they did or could do, judging people by what they are is the best possible way Lily. You were friends, he came to you seeking forgiveness but you never listened to him and parted ways, following your better judgment. You never thought about, what he would have felt at that very stage to be forced to say something like that to a person who meant everything to him. You too oversaw your relationship at that stage. If you blame Severus then you too are equally responsible for what he is today.” He stopped to see Lily attentive, took a breath and continued “May be, if you could have given him a chance then, he could have been someone else.”

Lily was shocked to Dumbledore’s theory and every moment spent with Snape came alive in her mind. A new set of tears formed in her eyes, which slid down when she closed her eyes, leaning her back on the wall.

Dumbledore still continued, “You could see Snape giving you away to Voldemort, but you couldnot see the Snape who went all terrible at the realization of Voldemort hunting your family down post the prophecy. You could see Snape – The DeathEater, who could just hurt or kill, but you could not see the Snape, who came to you yet again at Bathilda’s, waiting for you to show up, to see you safe with his own eyes and talk to you. He tried talking to you, but you were not ready. Oh! You should have realized the better of him, when he did not kill Bathilda, how could have that mattered him – the Death Eater.”

“Snape is but, a victim of circumstances, forgive him if you can.” Saying this Dumbledore turned and left Lily crying on the wall.

The scene downstairs had not changed much, James and Sirius were still busy reminiscing the past and talking about the future, Voldemort, current ministry issues and safety measures. They could not guess what made Dumbledore to go upstairs after Lily, who came down after quite a while followed by Lily fifteen minutes later, who looked quite lost.

“I think I should leave.” Announced Sirius glancing at the watch.

“Oh, but how could you, I mean Lily wanted to talk to us about Miley, which is worrying her a lot – the issue of course.” Said Dumbledore instantly, which surprised Lily. Both James and Sirius got quite alert at this.

“But, Lily you did not tell me anything about this. What is it is?” asked Sirius worried. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah…uh…I mean.” Lily took a long breath and started after a while. “well as you all know, Miley is growing up, children start showing early signs of magic by now, and five being a tender age, no one can control their magic, but Miley’s magic is extra ordinary, way ahead of what I or James could ever do, or can do.”

“What do you mean, extraordinary?” asked Sirius. Dumbledore was all ears.

“She can already apparate.”

“WHAT…!!!” exclaimed a very surprised Sirius.

“Yes, we saw her do that.” Replied James.

“But you need a wand to do that.”

“Yeah. She used mine.”

“But, how did she know how to do, the exact method I mean.”

“That’s what the question is. She just said, she wanted to be here and did it. It just happened, according to her."

All this while Albus was quite with a smile on his face.

“The other day, I am sorry James for not telling you, she just disappeared, I think it was something close to Disillusion charm, which even I have a difficulty in doing, on being asked she replied – ‘I was here all this while’, it amazes me, yes, but worries me lot more.” She looked at Albus with pleading eyes.

Dumbledore was beaming when he said, “But she is a witch, Lily.” When he saw every eye on him for a explanation, he continued, “Miley, ah, Ana, I actually am doting on her. I knew she is going to be a great witch, since I saw her, at the very first meeting mind you. I don’t think there is anything to worry about.” “I think you are not aware but she is even capable of wandless magic, which you could have ignored assuming it to be Underage-uncontrolled magic. Miley is already much accomplished, what she needs is but proper training. I know what your concern actually is Lily, but don’t worry, she will be under good wizards at Hogwarts and I promise you, I will pay extra attention and nourish her under my personal self.” By that he stood up and announced to leave and Sirius joined him, after going to kids room to kiss them.

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Part - 1

Part - 2

Part - 3

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Tension rose in the room and every second felt like an hour. Time was ticking away and there was utmost silence in the room where minutes before was a party.

The door would open any minute now and they were all ready to cast or repel a spell. So, many things were running the minds of the three people standing alert in the room. Who could it be? How did he/ they get to know the secret? None knew what they would encounter once the door opened.

The doorknob turned, every hand held their wand tightly. The door gave way and was being pushed open.

Finally, the door opened and a tall thin figure of a man with long silver hair and a long beard, wearing half-moon spectacles and sweeping robes of the color of the night sky patterned with stars and moons, presented himself. He was beaming at them with twinkling, blue eyes, “I am sorry, for breaking and entry.”

The three of them were undeterred and did not loosen their defenses. Before James and Sirius could say anything Lily said, “Introduce yourself!” with a cold tone.

“But, it is surprising Lily, never experienced such a cold tone from you.” He said still being and added, “I am Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the founder and leader of the "Order of the Phoenix, of which you three are a member."

Where James and Sirius started putting their defences down, Lily again asked, “What muggle….?”

“Hey..! Lily, its ok he is Albus.” Said James and Sirius agreed nodding his head.

“Its alright let her ask.”

“What muggle ever wrote you a letter asking for an admission to Hogwarts?”

Both James and Sirius were shocked and surprised at the question and looked at Lily with strange expressions, they had never heard a thing like that.

“But, what are you suggesting Lily?” said James half laughing ans trying to suppress his laughter again said, “This is imp…//”

“But, of course Lily, who would know it better than yourself, its surprising I had always thought it was just between me and her.” He was still smiling and looked at Lily tilting his head, and his blue eyes as if scanning her mind. “Petunia, isn’t it. How is she anyways?’

Lily blushed, as she half suggested reading that letter to Dumbledore without Tuny’s knowledge. “Ah..Um..yeah she is fine. Got married and has a son.” She answered lowering her wand.

Both James and Sirius were too surprised to say anything, more so James, Lily had not told him anything, She actually never much talked about her, they were sister and were at average good terms and ever if visited each other, their only correspondence were few letters and exchange of Christmas gifts every year. That was all.

“I am really sorry. But, I had to check, right!”

“Indeed Lily. You were good.” He replied still beaming at them. “Well, if all’s been done, wont you invite and old man to sit, who is tiresome after a long journey?”

“Oh sorry, yeah do come in. Its such a pleasant surprise to have you.” Said Lily directing him to wards the sofa, where James and Sirius were still standing. They came forwards and shook hands on by one.

“Eh..!! I can smell, chocolate, hmm the cake looks delicious Lily, mind if I have some.”

“Of course not Albus, do have them, I’ll serve it for you.”

After Lily served him a big slice she went in the kitchen, to prepare for dinner. As, she opened the door she saw Miley up on the kitchen slab, having chocolates, sandwiches, and juice all at the same time, seeing Lily she got a bit afraid, but sensing her change of mood, carried on. “Oh, Miley, you actually will drive me crazy. Get down and wash your hands. And Albus is here, wish him, but before that go wash yourself.”

Meanwhile, in the other room.

As, Lily left for the kitchen, James asked Albus “What brings you here? Everything alright?”

“Well, James as you would very well have heard, there have been many deaths in the past few months and ministry is busy hushing up rather than try find solutions. I come here for two accounts. One is of course to check your well being and secondly to warn you from leaving the boundaries, Lupin told me about your little meeting. Well, James you must try not leaving the house that often, but my question is, how come Lupin met you when no Order member sighted you in the market?”

James beamed at him “I will just tell you my little secret.” And saying that, he got up and walked towards the coat hanger.

Lily had entered the room with a tray of butterbeers and more cake. She heard James saying that and when putting the tray on the table in front of Albus, she looked up at Sirius with curious eyes. Sirius beamed and winked at her saying, “Seems like, Jamie’s li’l secret’s gonna be a secret no more.”

James returned with a dark maroon cloth and handed it over to Dumbledore, saying “this is my little secret, and this is the reason that always kept us undetected and saved us from getting caught at Hogwarts.”

Dumbledore took it, what now seemed like an old worn out cloak.

“Its an invisibility cloak, my family’s heirloom.”

But, Dumbledore may or may not have listened, as the moment he set his eyes on the cloak; he seemed so engrossed in analyzing and feeling (touching) it. His eyes had a gleam. How could this happen? How could this be true? Is this actually what he was thinking it to be? Yes, he was so very sure about it. The thing he had been looking for, for more than a century lay in his hands and may be had been so close to him all those years.

He had given up the search long back, for so very obvious reasons. No, he wont let it overpower him yet again, no one in the room except him could even dream, that there at that very moment in that very room were two Hallows, after which many people had lain their very lives just searching for them. James obviously could not know that it was a Hallow. “But, James! This is cloak with unusual qualities, how do you own it?”

“Ah..well, , It is an heirloom, getting passed over from father to son for centuries in the family.

“James, I have not seen a cloak of such likes and this is but curios too see it has not lost its power after all these centuries. May I borrow it for a while.”

“Yes. Of course! Why not.”

“Think about it mate… No excursions…” said Sirius.

“Shut it Padfoot.”

“Lily, where are the children?” asked Albus.

Just then Miley entered the room and rushed towards Dumbledore.

“Good Evening, professor.” Saying this she kissed him on the cheek.

He beamed at her and kissed her back. Holding her back with his two hands he looked at her too his eyes fill and scanned her, she had not changed much.

“When will I get my letter, professor.”

He smiled and looked at Lily, “Ah, so you have started telling her stories of the school.”

“Pretty soon, my dear, pretty soon. Till then, you can have this.” He took out a frog chocolate box and, an old velvet wrapping from inside his robe’s pocket.

She took them saying thanks and started opening the chocolate box.

“Hope, you share them with me too.” Said Dumbledore with a smile.

“But, Albus you are spoiling her, everytime you come visiting you get her something.” Said Lily.

“Ah..Lily, feels good to give gifts and when even I can have a share.” He smiled.

Miley set the box on the table and started opening the velvet wrapping, she opened it with intricacy of a mature person and handled it delicately, which was curious at her age. There lay a conical crystal see-through pendant (a size of a half finger) with a silver chain, Lily took it from Miley and pulled the chain in her hands, looking at it with amazed eyes. All eyes were set upon it now.

“But, this seems to be a valuable present to give to a child, Albus.” Said Lily.

“Ah.. Lily you are so easy to get worried about such things.”

“What is it, exactly?” asked Sirius.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, now that you are gifting it to her, it has to be something special and invaluable. What is it.” Pressed upon James.

“Well, this is a pendant.” Albus smiled and continued acknowledging their curiosity, “It’s a Remeyerall, and only one in the whole world.”

They looked at each other; none had heard anything about it, not even Lily.

“Please elaborate.” Said Sirius.

“Rem-eye-rall, is just one in the whole world. It works just like a Remembrall does. Where a Remembrall shows red smoke when the holder forgets something, a Remeyerall is just opposite. See the cone, its empty right now. But once she wears it, it will start filling up with smoke of the color of all your eyes, the people ho love her and care for her the most and whom she loves the most and under whose presence she feels protected. Maximum can only be ‘seven’ most important people in her life. Whoever’s love for her is the maximum, the smoke will dominate the rest, it will cover up the boundary, and the others would be visible in layers in the background. Once the people go out of her life, forget her or die, the smoke will apparently disappear. See for yourself.” Saying this he took the chain from Lily’s hands and put in around Miley’s neck.

Every eye saw in awe at the crystal cone in which, as it touched Miley’s skin started producing smokes of various colors. Once the smokes started collecting one on one as a layer that they could make out the colors.

Ø Green: Lily

Ø Hazel: James

Ø Grey: Sirius

Ø Blue: Albus

Ø Green: Harry

Ø Brown: Lupin [I am using this color myself, coz JKR has never talked about his eye color.]

Ø Green: …(which obviously none noticed, because Lily and Harry too had that color for eyes.)

“But, Albus this is just so amazing and a wonderful gift anyone could have. Thank you so much.” Asserted Lily.

The most excited was Miley, though she did not realize the importance or value of the gift, still it was a new strange and amazing thing to have, which she had understood was rare and special.

Albus looked at Miley’s excited expressions and her happy figure took him back to his own memory of a young girl, of her age who had gone out of his life so long back, it was just in memories that she remained. How he regretted losing her, and how he had and would always blame himself for her death. How he regretted not giving her the attention and love and care she deserved and demanded. How he, who was left to care for her, was responsible for her death. How he had been so blind that he could not see what he was actually doing. How could his parents ever forgive him? How could Ariana and Aberforth ever forgive him? How could he ever forgive himself? He controlled his racing thoughts before he could lose control over them, and came back.

Lily had got up and served dinner already. She came back to call them all to the table.

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