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Chapter 2 - Letter to Padfoot

James was getting ready to go out, to try and find out any news he could get about, what was happening in the outside world, where people were still being killed, all thanks to the invisibility cloak, a family heirloom he had most treasured. All those memories came flooding back to him – all nighttime wanderings up the Hogwarts castle with the Marauders. How it had concealed them from every eye, be it Filch, Peeves or anyone else. How they used to plant tricks on Filch and Snape, and never got caught. Snape! It’s him, because of whom his family was suffering, hidden away.

“ I wish, I could catch hold of Snivellus, one more time!” he muttered under his breath, as he saw Lily approaching.

“You done? I have made some sandwiches and pumpkin juice, have something before you leave (she started to leave) and (turned back again to add) they are expecting you at the table.” She left.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a moment, start serving.” He called over her back.

It was a comfortable kitchen, and Lily had kept it clean with bright colors on the wall. With a table for six dominating the center, the place looked inviting.

All Lily, Miley and Harry were sitting around the table. Harry on his heightened baby chair trying to get the beaten porridge into his mouth, with the spoon, which was quite a task for him and the porridge was all smeared around, rather than going to the desired destination. The sight made James’ lips curve to form a smile, he half smiled half laughed watching his son, but that smile drained as soon as it had come. Lily noticed it, but said nothing. Miley, realizing his presence gave a delighted scream and hugged him on the legs. He bent down and kissed her.

“Good mo’ing”, she said, her mouth half full with the sandwich she was eating.

“Good morning! Darling. You up?”

She noticed him all dressed up, and asked, “Are you leaving too?” the tone and the question surprised James. “What! What did you say?” he looked at Lily helplessly.

“I heard mom and aunt Bathilda talking.” She said timidly, fresh tears frming at the corners of her eyes.

“What are you talking about?” asked Lily coming over, getting to her knees.

“I heard you talking about, people leaving their homes.. and..a.n..d. n-e-v-e-r co—m-ing b—a-ck.” She almost swallowed the second half and started sobbing.

James and Lily both hugged her and calmed her down.

“Hey! My baby. Papa will be b-a—ck” his voice cracked but he managed to add, “I am just going out to the market”

“Promise me!”

“I promise that I am going to be back, as soon as I can.” “I love you1 and I am never going to leave you” he assured her.

He left after having just few bites and gulped down the juice under Lily’s stern gaze. Miley’s confrontation had shaken him. How hard he had tried not to get his children affected by the ongoing tumult. He pushed the feeling out of his mind, put the cloak around him and started out.

“Mia! What was that now? You should not listen to what the elders are talking about.” Lily snapped once James had left. The tone surprised Miley, she had naver seen her so angry neither had she ever used such a tone against her. She kept staring at her. Lily regained her composure and started calmly this time. Kissed her and asked he to kiss her back. She stood up to clear the table; she had almost forgotten to write the letter.

“Mia, darling, will you please help Harry down his chair and play with him, while mom finishes her chore.”

“Won’t you play with us?” “You promised you would tell us stories about Hoggavers.”

“Its Hog-warts! My dear” said lily, amused. “Alright I’ll do that. But, first I have to clean the kitchen and write to Sirius.” “Will you help me to clean the table?” Lily doubted, she had listened the latter half, because at Sirius’s name Mia had given a scream of delight and started asking her to call him over.

“Oh! Sirius..give all my an’ Harry’s love too and ask him to come over. Pleaasee..! It’s been such a long time. He brings very good chocolates.”

“Do you want him to come over, so that you could have chocolates?” exclaimed Lily half amused.

“No. We love him. Don’t we Harry?” Harry could just mutter some monosyllables sensing excitement. She left, helping Harry on the pram.

Lily sat down to write the letter.

Dear Padfoot,

Hope all’s well. Everything is fine out here too, except James; he’s getting restless with shut up inside. He’s quite upset these days and it’s taking a toll over his health, refuses to eat and sleep. Last night, I woke up at something around 3:30 and found him on the chair beside the fire. He was up all-night, worried and broke down in front of me.

His behavior worries me a lot. I hope if you could come, that would up his spirits a bit and even yours. What is it with you? There’s been no news from you, nothing at all. How is Moony, did you meet him? Last time we heard, he was out with order’s work. Yeah Order comes first.

Please do not discontinue writing.

Well, Miley and Harry are fine too. And Miley was quite excited to learn, I was writing to you and and also misses your chocolates a lot. She is all up with pranks these days. She has become very active too. The other day I left pudding on the table and went over to call Bathilda, and until the time I was back, quarter of it was gone! At my stern gaze and questioning, she blamed everyone, including birds, Tasha (cat) even Harry. Though her face, hands and clothes were all smeared with chocolate. The scene was amusing and to top it she has learned lying and blaming others, got good thrashing for that, but yes, I felt bad later and baked her favorite cookies.

Bathilda told there had been many deaths and Bellatrix with others have abducted the Longbottoms, its infuriating. Thak Heavens! their son is fine.

I cant believe Snape did all this. We ( Lily & James) even had an argument regarding this. Felt sorry later though, but you know how it is.

Please come over and inform me if there’s any change of plan. Bring Moony too, if you can, that would be a change for him too.

I am expecting a quick reply and wishing you to come. Please.

Lots of Love


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Keep going :) by the way, Siriys is my most fav HP charecter :)

January 28, 2008 at 4:03 AM  

thanks for following...i thought there wasnt any reader....

yup mine too well i even have it for snape..;B

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Nidhi I read :)

Sirius ohh Sirius!! I just can't think of him :(

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well the smile actually makes you go weak on the knees.

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February 14, 2008 at 7:36 PM  

@ Rahul

hmm gud point there..i'll keep that in my mind.

well for this chapter Lily had already thought that she wud write the letter...

well thanx and will try to work on that.

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