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Chapter 3 - James is Back

Lily busied herself with the kids after sending the letter to Sirius.

Tasha (cat), too was getting edgy, all confined in the house. Lily tried hard to keep it engaged with the children. She was trying to play with them while glancing repeatedly at the door. James had not returned yet.

At last, there was a tap and a click, and James walked in, before Lily could react Miley all delighted rushed towards him and hugged his legs, because she could just reach his legs, he had to unwrap her tiny hands and bend down to hug her back.

“I am back, see! I love you.” He said and glanced at Lily, who was still sitting there by Harry, who now realizing his father’s presence gave a cackling laugh.

“This is bliss!” exclaimed James, “such a warm welcome, reckon I should go out more often.” He laughed. Lily was surprised to see James in such a good mood. May be, he just needed an outing.

“Thank God, you are back!” (Both mentally and physically)

“Sorry for being late. Met Moony on my way back, was here for some Order work, so could not come by.”

“Oh! That’s great, he’s fine. I was just worried, you see no word from him.”

“So, what’s there for lunch, I am hungry.” James regained mood was a great welcome and next few weeks went on well.

It was a May Sunday afternoon; James was just idling on the sofa with the children, helping them to put on Building blocks – a muggle game, when Lily entered the room.

“I am going over to Bathilda’s. Will be back in a moment.”

“All well?” asked James not looking up.

“Yes. I just asked her to get our groceries, going over to get those. All’s well.”


Lily came out and crossed the street road, walked past several houses. She reached the gate and turned it in, crossed the front path to the door and gave a single tap. She waited for Bathilda to answer, but when there was no answer she tapped again, harder this time.

“Bathilda…!!!?// ‘ you in?..Bathilda..?” She checked the doorknob, it turned… the door was open. She went inside. Damn! She had left her wand at home. Bathilda…? Are you in there?” she called out looking up towards the upstairs room, when there was no answer, She walked on towards the sitting room. The room was all disturbed, as if there had been a struggle, she took a few steps ahead and gasped, to see Bathilda’s body on the floor.

“I knew, you would come.” A familiar, soft balanced voice reached her ears from the darker part of the room.

“Who is it?” “Show yourself.” She turned towards the source of the voice, trying to maintain her composure.

“I had been waiting for you.” And as the figure came forward into the light, Lily’s eyes grew wider.

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:) you get better withe ach chapter.. dont keep us waiting for long...

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nice start, good speed and the very best SUSPENSE. lik it very much. hope u post the next chapter soon.

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thank you so very much

i'll be posting the next chapter tomorrow.[:)]

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People should read this.

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@ Becca

Thanks for the stop and appreciation

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