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The night of Halloween

Past two months had been normal. Life again at this household had come back to normal terms. Though the danger loomed but still, the residents had come to terms with believing that till they were in the safety of the Fidelius Charm, and when they had so greta friends to take care, nothing could harm them. Such was their belief in people whom they loved and cared for.

It was already mid-October and everywhere the festivities had started, the market streets were decorated with Halloween decorations, few of their neighbors too had started with decorating their front areas. Miley too was getting curious about it, and when she learned all about it, she was all set to do her part. She had been asking Lily for her own set of costume.

“Mommy, I too will go out for Trick and Treat. Please.”

“Miles, dear, sorry but it cant be, I cannot let you go out, its not safe.”

“But, why not, I will go too, Please!”

“Dear, you cannot go alone.”

“But, all children are out, they play have fun, you do not let me play, I do not have any friends. We never go out.”

Lily was surprised to hear such things come from Miley. She looked at her with her big green eyes. Had she somehow sensed their being shut inside?

“Baby, come here, its nothing like that. You will have great friends one day, just like daddy. And you will too go to school, Hogwarts, where we all studied too, James, Sirius, Lupin and me. Even Albus.”

“What! Albus too has studied in Hogwarts?” Miley got so curious at this new discovery, that she forgot everything.

“Yes, its very much true.”

“Nooooo.,,, you are joking, he is the Headmaster, how can he be a student?” She started laughing.

Lily, laughed at this childhood tendency. Children can never accept grown ups to be children, they know only the way they have seen them. By the time Lily could say more, Miley had already run out of the room to the hall where James was sitting with Harry in his arms trying to read.

“Daddy, look what Lily is saying.”

James looked up towards Miley’s running figure with Lily following her smiles. James looked at Lily enquiring the reason for this.

“Lily says that Albus was a kid, and studied in Hogwarts, Oh she forgot he is the Headmaster and so big and old.” She was rolling on the floor laughing.

Lily gave a sigh of relief and sat down beside James. “Thank god she finally forgot about Halloween.”

“Hey, I know we cant let her go out. But at least don’t kill her childhood. At least make her a costume.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yes, Lily such things mean a lot to kids, I know when I was a kid, it was funny for me to see muggles wearing clothes resembling our world most of the times. But even I used to sneak away from the house to have my part of the fun.” He smirked.

“I too remember going out with Tunie holding my hand and not letting me do or say anything.” She smiled at the thought. “I think you are right James, I will make her a costume.”

“So, miss Miley, I think you must not make fun of dear poor Lily, she just doesnot know anything, right. How can Albus, ever be a student right. He knows everything. So, what are you wearing for Halloween?”

She went all somber and said, “Lily, says no.”

“Oh, common I say yes.”

“So, Lily what will you make for our dear Miley?”

“Well, that’s a surprise.” She got up saying.

Miley, was surprised at such turn of decision, she gave a cry of delight and jumped at James and hugged him hard. James had to turn sideways to save Harry from getting hurt.

“Hey, why don’t you give a part of your love to Lily too, she is going to make you a costume right.” He laughed.

Lily did not had to think much about the costume, she had already taken out her balck robes to make Miley a witch’s gown and cap and she had thought to team it with Harry’s new broom and her wand (obviously she wont be going out with all those things). Well no one would have had such a real costume. What if some muggle saw her whizzing away on the broom. She laughed at the thought.

Miley too was all excited and she had personally asked James to help her make a bag in the shape of a pumpkin to keep her candy’s after Trick or Treats. He had agreed to help her out even after knowing that, she won’t be going.

Finally the day came and Miley had not lost a moment in wearing the dress right after taking her bath in the morning, she though unlike Harry, did not had the heart to sit on the broom. She knew she did not have a chance at going out for the Trick and Treat but was all filled with excitement. Both James and Lily were happy that their long imprisonment had not affected the children.

Lily had specially baked Miley’s favorite cake to keep her spirits and James had been keeping the children busy by playing games and showing them tricks with his wand. Even Harry had started reacting to those silly tricks. His favorite was the smoke circle one, every time James used to form puffs of colored smoke, Harry used to jump up trying to catch it with his small fist. The sight sure used to be funny.

As the time of Trick or Treat was arriving Miley was getting upset, on not being allowed to go out. She went invisible while crying on the kitchen table. Lily worried more, she knew Miley never realized when she used to go invisible, but what if she knew and went out. Lily called her name and wanted her to be near, so that she knew where Miley was,she told her to go straight to bed and ensured it was being done.

James was still on the sofa making out puffs of smoke for Harry’s amusement.

“James, Miley has yet again went invisible, I am just so very worried. As of now I have told her off to bed, she is alone. Give Harry to me, its time he goes to bed too. I’ll be upstairs.” James took up Harry and handed him to Lily, finally stretched out on the sofa.

Just then he heard a loud sound in the hall.

James got up and ran to the hall. Shit! How could he forget his wand, It was him. How could the charm break, when it was working so efficiently since the last so many months? Who had given them away?

‘Lily, take Harry and go! It’s him! Go! Run! I’ll hold him off--” He shouted with all his might towards the stairs. He knew he could not do much, but still try holding him off even seconds would matter now. How could he be so careless not keeping the wand by his side? I couldn’t do my part for my family. He saw him casting the curse and spark emerging from the wand and everything just stopped.

Lily had heard James’ cry. She knew James would try every bit to save them. Oh! Lord what was happening, how could he have known the secret. Harry was in her hands, she had to save him, she ran towards the kids’ room remembering Miley was there. How will she find her, when she was not visible, at least she would be safe from his eyes. She heard James cry, she knew he had killed him; “NO…!!” but there was no time she had to keep the children safe.

It was clear to her; she had a hard chance of escaping from the upper story with the children on her. She put Harry on the cot and tried hard barricading the way to the room, knowing it were all lame attempts. She took Harry in her arms yet again. “Where is my wand, how could I ever forget it?” she said to herself. She saw the door being opened and saw a hooded figure entering the room, it was him. No, she had to do something; she put Harry on the cot and spread her arms wide between them. She wont let this happen, she will die instead. She wont let anyone touch her children or even bring them to harm.

“Not Harry, not Harry, please not Harry!” she pleaded.

“Stand aside, you silly girl…stand aside, now…” he said in low hissing sound.

“Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead–”

“This is my last warning–”

“Not Harry! Please…have mercy…have mercy…Not Harry! Not Harry! Please – I’ll do anything–”

“Stand aside – stand aside, girl–”

He raised his arm and cast the unforgivable curse. The room was illuminated with green light. Harry had started crying. All this while Miley had been watching everything from her bed, she had got up hearing Lily’s cries. Who was the man in the hood, she got frightened and hid behind the curtain, she saw him casting magic from the wand and Lily falling down. Why wasnot she getting up? What had happened? She wanted to help. Harry was crying. She did not know what happened but she felt something get out of her and hit the wall and the room blasted. Everything went dark. He was gone.

The room was filled with Harry’s cries. She ran towards Lily. “Mommy..! Mommy..! get up..” she shook her. “Mooo…mm…myy…” She had to do something, what if he came back? She took Harry and ran out, out from the house, out in the garden, out in the street.

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hey nidhi....
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excellent girl...keep it up..

March 29, 2008 at 11:34 PM  

Finally You posted !! Good goin !!

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wow! when's the next post? why do you all authors have this nasty habit of leaving off on such a tantalising note that sitting still becomes an impossibility?

you are good! please please please post soon!!!

March 30, 2008 at 8:58 AM  

@ Meera
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hey, good build-up.....

for heavens sake, dont take this long for the next post :)
not fair.... you dangle the carrot in front of us and then forget all about it for months together....

by the way, hope you are doing good in the new job and new place :)

March 31, 2008 at 10:33 AM  

@ Anonymous

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Thank u sooo very much. No, i wont take long.

I have already completed my 12 th chapter half of 13th and m workin on the 11th.

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April 1, 2008 at 5:30 AM  

:) good one, Nidhi... i was reading peacefully, thinking that this chapter will be only abt halloween, adn was mrveling @ ur story telling skill and sudenly ka-boom, everything went topsy turvy and it was fast pace action. i like the way u made mily invisible.. waiting for next one... :-D

April 1, 2008 at 5:33 AM  

dat was cool keep it going.

April 2, 2008 at 7:41 AM  

have u got the idea of dis fanfiction from annie frank? its really good keep writing.

April 2, 2008 at 7:43 AM  

have u got the idea of dis fanfiction from annie frank? its really good keep writing.

April 2, 2008 at 7:44 AM  

that was super. continueee

April 2, 2008 at 10:44 PM  

@ XH

@ Aditi

@ A

thank you so very much people. m gonna post either today or tomorrow most probably.

Aditi no..i just had this all in my mind but had never thought about penning them down as a fanfic.

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