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Chapter 9 - Nightmares

Miley’s new toy, Albus’s Gift – the Remeyerall, was keeping her quiet occupied than to get into any mischief and both Lily and James were surprised that she had not been upto any prank since Albus and Sirius’s last visit and with Harry’s first birthday arriving the next weekend the people had a reason to celebrate. It had already been two weeks since the visit and things back home were going on at better than a normal rate but of course there were sad moments too, on nonsensical and mass killings going on in the outside world, there were still innocent people getting killed and the ministry was turning deaf ears and blind eyes towards such stuff. What the hell was happening to the world why wasn’t anyone coming out in open to protest such doings, but yes, protest meant inviting harm to you and your own family too and its was not stupid to keep oneself safe.

But, Lily had other things too, to worry about. Miley, in case had changed a lot since she got her gift. Was it the gift or just Lily’s imagination that Miley was actually showing great signs of magic, which was getting on Lily’s nerves, and more so, James too had started agreeing with Lily on the matter. Miley was showing strange signs, for instance she could already disapparate, disillusion, and due to the fact that she could not control any of her magic she just used to disappear when she used to be excited or frightened. Which actually was driving Lily mad as no one could help or control the situation and it was impossible to try keeping it a secret, and these days it was getting creepier, she was getting strange nightmares. Nightmares of hooded men or a man…green flashes…and blasts…usually she dint remember the details but one such night Lily and James woke up to find Miley screaming and when they rushed to check, she was up and sweating…

Lily and James rushed towards her switching on the lights to find her all sweating and frightened, she had had a bad dream yet again…and was already in tears. Seeing James and Lily she clung to them as lifelines. Yet again she could not remember the details, just a hooded figure…a green flash… and a blast... It was actually getting confusing, and when they had no one to consult to. James and Lily both agreed that the situation was getting out of both their hands and something needed to be done. They had to talk to Albus, to help them, and to start training Miley. They knew it would be for the first time ever that a child was being trained prior to admission at Hogwarts, but that was the only thing that could be done. It just could not wait.

As if this was not enough, Bathilda too, was getting a bit awry, she obviously did not remember the encounter with Snape but, still she was in great shock and somehow her instincts told her of some happening. Yes, Snape had done his job well with the memory charm. But still she remembered the disrupted room and Lily arriving later to calm her down.

Lily knew and fully understood that things were getting out of her control, the more she tried hard to make herself believe that all was fine, deep down she herself could not believe all was well. In all this frenzy, they had an unexpected visitor. Just a weekend before Harry’s Birthday, Wormtail paid them a visit. It was for the first time since their hiding that Peter was visiting them, he obviously had been made the secret keeper, but him visiting was quite not acceptable to Miley, who had a personal disliking to him and his methods, especially his mouse-like behavior. It was his visits that usually upset her, and these were the time that she was all on with her pranks and up for getting on his nerves, and she hardly feared him.

Lily was upset all day, and cried on account of recent deaths of the Mckinssons. The house had a mellow environment on the weekend Peter paid them a visit. It was good that he visited, but was kind of surprising for both James and Lily, that he was visiting them without sending them a letter to inform of his visit. He was unlike his normal self and was quiet low on the mood and did not eat much, that for Lily was a matter of concern, but he said it was because of the recent deaths and also Mckinssons deaths were a blow, it was not that they were close but still, hearing of a death of someone you knew always upsets, that too a death that is un called for and un reasonable.

Peter usually did not talk much and paid much attention to food, but today it was different, he refused to eat, and took just bits on being pushed by both Lily and James. Miley was all up with her pranks on Peter, but was sent away by James with good scolding, as this was obviously not the time for all that stuff.

Lily thought Peter’s strange behavior a major matter of concern; he was actually acting strange and was lost, and refused to eat.

What had happened? Was something wrong? He was looking tired and frightened and lost. What was eating him up? Or did he fear about them, or was he getting burdened under the responsibility of being their secret keeper. Was it the right decision to make him the secret keeper, she had always doubted it, but James believed him, and it was all that mattered, friends, whom you could put all your faith in. Yes, she believed in what James had faith in. She had already had the taste of her beliefs with Snape and Tunie. She could not doubt James’ and Sirius’ Beliefs.

Snape, why had he come that day? What was his motive behind the visit? Was she wrong in not listening to him? In not giving him a chance, Was Albus right, on what he said about Snape? Was it after all her fault? Was she wrong in not believing in her friends and relations, in not giving them her full faith, was she not a better friend after all, did she lack in her relationships unlike James, who had put blind faith in his friends and knew how to maintain his relationships. Was it right to put blind faith in people? Oh there were so many questions her mind was coming up with, but she knew this was not the time, she had to put all this thoughts at the back of her mind and chose the priorities, Miley and Harry were her priorities and she knew, it was them who needed her badly other than James.

Harry’s Birthday was this week and family had a reason to celebrate and to put other things off. After all the day was special, it was Harry’s first and a reason to celebrate. Harry obviously was too small to know it was his birthday but other’s who knew had to make it special somehow. All the people close to the family were invited, but yes no one was forced as duty came first and in such times safety too was a matter of concern.

The most excited was Miley, and had been busy the whole past week organizing the best gift for Harry, and she finally came up to the best she could come up with, she had packed all her chocolate frog cards in a box with James’ help to give it away to Harry on his first, which was quiet touching. Chocolate frog cards were so precious for children, who collected them with such an enthusiasm, and Miley had been doing it, since she had come to know about them from James’ collection, and giving all her collection away as a birthday gift actually meant a lot, at how special she took Harry to be.

The big day finally arrived, with Sirius’ owl first arriving with a gift. Sirius had sent a toy broomstick, and Harry had much fun with it. Just a year old and he was all zooming in and out of the rooms on his toy broom. The broom rose just an inch or two from the ground but Harry was having a time of his life. James was already doting on him of being a great Quidditch player, over which Lily just laughed and said, “Only time will tell.”

“Oh common Lily, I’ll be coaching him and would be standing on the stall to watch him play his first match against slytherin and beating them badly.” He replied with a smirk on his face. To which Lily just shook her head and said, “At least don’t get them against each other before he even enters school.”

They just could not leave him alone for a moment, for they had got the hint while they left him, when he zoomed over Tasha, and almost killed her of shock, and further crashed into the vase Tunie had sent as a Christmas present, which for James was quiet funny. Miley was all excited and busy bucking up Harry, and was shouting all kind of stupid made up slogans. The scene back home was one of amusement and none could tell, they were living under such pressures.

They finally settled down for a quiet evening tea with Bathilda, who was all up with strange stories of Albus, which were quiet, unbelievable. Lily thought, people were finally right about her when they said, her mind was going personally.

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:) nicely written. u knwo how to capture our intrest... :)

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oh u r writing beautifully...

m waiting 4 the next chap..

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February 26, 2008 at 5:58 AM  

Nice job...the story is progressing nicely...

But can u tell me y did u right the entire chapter in third person??
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February 27, 2008 at 4:52 AM  

Good work... Few things are a little bit off the line.. don't match the story exactly.. (Except the Heiress.. :D).. but still a good read..

Always imagined Harry's bro/sis popping up.. and even Sirius' girlfriend/wife popping up for Harry.. !

February 28, 2008 at 10:42 AM  

@ Sameer..

Well thanks and u r actually a good critique...LOL..
nuthin like dat...yes i was a bit low on the time..but this chap is right on being in the third person account.

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[Always imagined Harry's bro/sis popping up.. and even Sirius' girlfriend/wife popping up for Harry.. !]
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hahaha...well i think i got it...

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hi this was sooooooooooooooo interesting plz continue writing its really fun to read. I just wanted to ask have got the idea of this fanfiction from annie frank?

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hey aditi...thank u so much..

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I meant always imagined Rowling introducing the characters I mentioned.. Neverthless there are many junior JKR's who pen em for me :) !!

Waiting for the story to continue..!

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