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Tension rose in the room and every second felt like an hour. Time was ticking away and there was utmost silence in the room where minutes before was a party.

The door would open any minute now and they were all ready to cast or repel a spell. So, many things were running the minds of the three people standing alert in the room. Who could it be? How did he/ they get to know the secret? None knew what they would encounter once the door opened.

The doorknob turned, every hand held their wand tightly. The door gave way and was being pushed open.

Finally, the door opened and a tall thin figure of a man with long silver hair and a long beard, wearing half-moon spectacles and sweeping robes of the color of the night sky patterned with stars and moons, presented himself. He was beaming at them with twinkling, blue eyes, “I am sorry, for breaking and entry.”

The three of them were undeterred and did not loosen their defenses. Before James and Sirius could say anything Lily said, “Introduce yourself!” with a cold tone.

“But, it is surprising Lily, never experienced such a cold tone from you.” He said still being and added, “I am Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the founder and leader of the "Order of the Phoenix, of which you three are a member."

Where James and Sirius started putting their defences down, Lily again asked, “What muggle….?”

“Hey..! Lily, its ok he is Albus.” Said James and Sirius agreed nodding his head.

“Its alright let her ask.”

“What muggle ever wrote you a letter asking for an admission to Hogwarts?”

Both James and Sirius were shocked and surprised at the question and looked at Lily with strange expressions, they had never heard a thing like that.

“But, what are you suggesting Lily?” said James half laughing ans trying to suppress his laughter again said, “This is imp…//”

“But, of course Lily, who would know it better than yourself, its surprising I had always thought it was just between me and her.” He was still smiling and looked at Lily tilting his head, and his blue eyes as if scanning her mind. “Petunia, isn’t it. How is she anyways?’

Lily blushed, as she half suggested reading that letter to Dumbledore without Tuny’s knowledge. “Ah..Um..yeah she is fine. Got married and has a son.” She answered lowering her wand.

Both James and Sirius were too surprised to say anything, more so James, Lily had not told him anything, She actually never much talked about her, they were sister and were at average good terms and ever if visited each other, their only correspondence were few letters and exchange of Christmas gifts every year. That was all.

“I am really sorry. But, I had to check, right!”

“Indeed Lily. You were good.” He replied still beaming at them. “Well, if all’s been done, wont you invite and old man to sit, who is tiresome after a long journey?”

“Oh sorry, yeah do come in. Its such a pleasant surprise to have you.” Said Lily directing him to wards the sofa, where James and Sirius were still standing. They came forwards and shook hands on by one.

“Eh..!! I can smell, chocolate, hmm the cake looks delicious Lily, mind if I have some.”

“Of course not Albus, do have them, I’ll serve it for you.”

After Lily served him a big slice she went in the kitchen, to prepare for dinner. As, she opened the door she saw Miley up on the kitchen slab, having chocolates, sandwiches, and juice all at the same time, seeing Lily she got a bit afraid, but sensing her change of mood, carried on. “Oh, Miley, you actually will drive me crazy. Get down and wash your hands. And Albus is here, wish him, but before that go wash yourself.”

Meanwhile, in the other room.

As, Lily left for the kitchen, James asked Albus “What brings you here? Everything alright?”

“Well, James as you would very well have heard, there have been many deaths in the past few months and ministry is busy hushing up rather than try find solutions. I come here for two accounts. One is of course to check your well being and secondly to warn you from leaving the boundaries, Lupin told me about your little meeting. Well, James you must try not leaving the house that often, but my question is, how come Lupin met you when no Order member sighted you in the market?”

James beamed at him “I will just tell you my little secret.” And saying that, he got up and walked towards the coat hanger.

Lily had entered the room with a tray of butterbeers and more cake. She heard James saying that and when putting the tray on the table in front of Albus, she looked up at Sirius with curious eyes. Sirius beamed and winked at her saying, “Seems like, Jamie’s li’l secret’s gonna be a secret no more.”

James returned with a dark maroon cloth and handed it over to Dumbledore, saying “this is my little secret, and this is the reason that always kept us undetected and saved us from getting caught at Hogwarts.”

Dumbledore took it, what now seemed like an old worn out cloak.

“Its an invisibility cloak, my family’s heirloom.”

But, Dumbledore may or may not have listened, as the moment he set his eyes on the cloak; he seemed so engrossed in analyzing and feeling (touching) it. His eyes had a gleam. How could this happen? How could this be true? Is this actually what he was thinking it to be? Yes, he was so very sure about it. The thing he had been looking for, for more than a century lay in his hands and may be had been so close to him all those years.

He had given up the search long back, for so very obvious reasons. No, he wont let it overpower him yet again, no one in the room except him could even dream, that there at that very moment in that very room were two Hallows, after which many people had lain their very lives just searching for them. James obviously could not know that it was a Hallow. “But, James! This is cloak with unusual qualities, how do you own it?”

“Ah..well, , It is an heirloom, getting passed over from father to son for centuries in the family.

“James, I have not seen a cloak of such likes and this is but curios too see it has not lost its power after all these centuries. May I borrow it for a while.”

“Yes. Of course! Why not.”

“Think about it mate… No excursions…” said Sirius.

“Shut it Padfoot.”

“Lily, where are the children?” asked Albus.

Just then Miley entered the room and rushed towards Dumbledore.

“Good Evening, professor.” Saying this she kissed him on the cheek.

He beamed at her and kissed her back. Holding her back with his two hands he looked at her too his eyes fill and scanned her, she had not changed much.

“When will I get my letter, professor.”

He smiled and looked at Lily, “Ah, so you have started telling her stories of the school.”

“Pretty soon, my dear, pretty soon. Till then, you can have this.” He took out a frog chocolate box and, an old velvet wrapping from inside his robe’s pocket.

She took them saying thanks and started opening the chocolate box.

“Hope, you share them with me too.” Said Dumbledore with a smile.

“But, Albus you are spoiling her, everytime you come visiting you get her something.” Said Lily.

“Ah..Lily, feels good to give gifts and when even I can have a share.” He smiled.

Miley set the box on the table and started opening the velvet wrapping, she opened it with intricacy of a mature person and handled it delicately, which was curious at her age. There lay a conical crystal see-through pendant (a size of a half finger) with a silver chain, Lily took it from Miley and pulled the chain in her hands, looking at it with amazed eyes. All eyes were set upon it now.

“But, this seems to be a valuable present to give to a child, Albus.” Said Lily.

“Ah.. Lily you are so easy to get worried about such things.”

“What is it, exactly?” asked Sirius.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, now that you are gifting it to her, it has to be something special and invaluable. What is it.” Pressed upon James.

“Well, this is a pendant.” Albus smiled and continued acknowledging their curiosity, “It’s a Remeyerall, and only one in the whole world.”

They looked at each other; none had heard anything about it, not even Lily.

“Please elaborate.” Said Sirius.

“Rem-eye-rall, is just one in the whole world. It works just like a Remembrall does. Where a Remembrall shows red smoke when the holder forgets something, a Remeyerall is just opposite. See the cone, its empty right now. But once she wears it, it will start filling up with smoke of the color of all your eyes, the people ho love her and care for her the most and whom she loves the most and under whose presence she feels protected. Maximum can only be ‘seven’ most important people in her life. Whoever’s love for her is the maximum, the smoke will dominate the rest, it will cover up the boundary, and the others would be visible in layers in the background. Once the people go out of her life, forget her or die, the smoke will apparently disappear. See for yourself.” Saying this he took the chain from Lily’s hands and put in around Miley’s neck.

Every eye saw in awe at the crystal cone in which, as it touched Miley’s skin started producing smokes of various colors. Once the smokes started collecting one on one as a layer that they could make out the colors.

Ø Green: Lily

Ø Hazel: James

Ø Grey: Sirius

Ø Blue: Albus

Ø Green: Harry

Ø Brown: Lupin [I am using this color myself, coz JKR has never talked about his eye color.]

Ø Green: …(which obviously none noticed, because Lily and Harry too had that color for eyes.)

“But, Albus this is just so amazing and a wonderful gift anyone could have. Thank you so much.” Asserted Lily.

The most excited was Miley, though she did not realize the importance or value of the gift, still it was a new strange and amazing thing to have, which she had understood was rare and special.

Albus looked at Miley’s excited expressions and her happy figure took him back to his own memory of a young girl, of her age who had gone out of his life so long back, it was just in memories that she remained. How he regretted losing her, and how he had and would always blame himself for her death. How he regretted not giving her the attention and love and care she deserved and demanded. How he, who was left to care for her, was responsible for her death. How he had been so blind that he could not see what he was actually doing. How could his parents ever forgive him? How could Ariana and Aberforth ever forgive him? How could he ever forgive himself? He controlled his racing thoughts before he could lose control over them, and came back.

Lily had got up and served dinner already. She came back to call them all to the table.

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