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J K Rowling remains the wholesole owner of all the rights of the HP books and its character.
I am but a fan, just trying my hand on HP fan-fiction.

The plot remains the same, but with an additonal character and some changes of the date and facts.
SPOILER : The latter half would contain many facts from the seventh part ( if you havn't yet read it.)
I will try my best to do justice to it. Please leave your comments and suggestions, if any.

Thank You...!!!


"Having a Family is the biggest treasure"

Can a single incident, change so many lives? It did.

A single prophecy changed the fate of this family forever...

(got this poem from here - somehow shares the mood of my story).

My family?
A tree?
I'm a part of?
Aunts and Uncles,
I never really knew.
Same with parents.
Pain of loneliness is seen.
The pain... of pain...
Its back... new, different.

What happen, so long ago.
Dead can't answer,
Living want to forget.
Brothers, cousins,
have moved on.
Able to forgive,
Or at least,
Bury the past.

Wish I knew,
What happened.
Wish someone,
Could explain,
My family.
If I could have been,
"Man enough,"
Accept it, live it.
Just maybe...
This family,
Could have been mine.

Alcoholism, addiction,
Pushed brothers away.
Shame and guilt,
Made cousins,

Just pain...
No trust.
Killing for eons.
An eternity...
Lost memories...
Of a family...
Never born.
Though I belong inside,
This is a family,
I'll never know.

My family?
My... family...
I'll always stay.
My family?
I wish I knew...
Time does not heal,
All wounds...

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This is a humble request ..please do leave your comments because that will tell me what and how many readers i have. I will be posting often but a good numbered readership does puts on a writer. Thank you all.

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